Silly Clocks

“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana”SillyClocks logo
(Groucho Marx)

If you want to keep track of time flying by, you can now use the minkukel approach to time keeping with SillyClocks. SillyClocks are clocks that will help you losing time while trying to figure out what time it is.

Available SillyClocks

Metric time (a Metric clock)

Binary time (a Binary clock)

Latin time (a Latin clock)

Degrees time (a Decimal Degrees clock or DD clock)

DMS time (a Degrees Minutes Seconds clock or DMS clock)

Percentage time (a Percentage clock)

Morse time (a Morse clock)

Hexadecimal time (a Hexadecimal clock or Hex clock)

Swatch Internet time (a Swatch Internet clock or .beat clock)

Read Aloud time (a Read Aloud clock)

Proverbs and Quotes

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted”
(John Lennon)

Alarm clockIf you still have some time left, have a look at the Proverbs and Quotes about Time.

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