Words Mixer

Donkey lost
I tnihk I lost my mlbares

The SillyWords script will scramble all the words in your text.

It dsoen’t mtaetr in wihch oredr the ltrtees of a word are pealcd. As lnog as the fsrit and last lteetr are on the rgiht sopt you can raed msot words wiothut much trlboue. Your bnaris don’t raed seapatre lreetts but celmptoe wrods.

It doesn’t matter in which order the letters of a word are placed. As long as the first and last letter are on the right spot you can read most words without much trouble. Your brains don’t read separate letters but complete words.


Now try it with your own text. Write (or paste) your own text and click the “Scramble” button to mix the letters of all words.

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How does this page work?

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A JavaScript will mix the letters of each word in random order, except the first and the last letter.

Note that punctuation marks and numbers are also scrambled!

Click "Scramble" again to see a new version of the same text. You can select to also mix the first and/or last letter of the words, but that will make the text more difficult to read.

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