Modern Art

Banana artDon’t you love modern art? A toilet seat nailed against a wall? Four bricks in a frame? A sack of beans spilled on the floor of a museum?

It’s easy to instantly recognize great works of modern art. On this website you learn the trick of the trade. You can even become an artist in digital expressionism. Read on.

Art Test

Art Test is a page for the layman who may be looking for some definitions of art. The ‘art test’ will help you increase your skills in recognizing modern art.

Digital expressionism

If, like me, you are inspired by Piet Mondrian and Barnett Newman you will be interested to learn more about digital expressionism.

Your own Digital Art Name

Modern Art

Create your own digital art. The “SillyArt” script uses some text (for example your own name) and instantly turns it into modern art.

Give it a try.

Who’s afraid of red … ?

Learn why the paint roller (invented in 1940 by Norman Breakey) has become the preferred tool for the modern artist. Who’s afraid of red?

Quotes about art

Global wisdom on art and modern art can be found in this collection of proverbs and quotes about art.

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