Keywords Counter

About the Keywords Counter

This is a tool to count keywords in a text.

Paste your text in the box and you will get a count of each word in the text. The counted words are presented in two ways.

  • A keyword cloud – Words are in alphabetical order and frequent words are displayed bigger.
  • A frequency table – A list of words sorted by their frequency in the text.

The script will ignore numbers.

You have the option to let the script ignore some very common words such as ‘the’, ‘in’, ‘with’ and ‘by’. Such words have often a high frequency but don’t tell us much about the content of the text. You can select to ignore common English words, ignore common Dutch words, or see all words.

Large texts contain many different words. The script gives you the option to ignore words that have only a low count. If you set the ‘Minimum count’ for example to 3, words that appear only once or twice will be ignored.

Web page word counter

The tool can be used to study keywords on web pages. Open the web page you want to count in your browser, select everything with Ctrl-A, copy it with Ctrl-C, and then paste it in the search box with Ctrl-V. This will quickly give you an idea of important keywords on that website.

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