Unique Names

Names are a nuisance, especially when we call each other names. We have all kind of names: first names, last names, nicknames, family names, surnames, middle names, private names, Christian names, etc.

There are thousands of names but unfortunately there are plenty of people who share the same name (for example John Smith and John Smith have the same name as John Smith). Why can’t we all have a unique name?

Names generator

Here is my names generator. The SillyNames script generates thousands of silly names. Read below how these names are designed.

How to design unique names for everybody?

We need unique names for almost 8 billion people. One way could be to give everybody a name which looks like a password. Using 10 digits (from 0 to 9) and 26 letters (from A to Z) we can give unique names of 7 characters length to all people in the world. With 7 characters we can design 36^7 = 78,364,164,096 different names, enough to even bless all our pets with a unique name. Problem is that the names would be rather difficult to pronounce. Try calling somebody RYS7EWT or TR9S1KK.

Ignoring the digits and just using the 26 letters from A to Z we can design 26^7 = 8,031,810,176 names of 7 letters. Enough for this moment, but with one extra letter (26^8 = 208,827,064,576) we can keep multiplying ourselves in the far future and still have enough unique names. But who wants to be called AIDNTUBP or CDPFXCNI or OLLSTDYX? We should find a way to generate names that can be pronounced.

Right, so here is my proposal. We make names that are 10 characters long, starting with a consonant, then a vowel, then a consonant, etc. Alternating consonants and vowels make it possible to pronounce the names, and it gives us 21x5x21x5x21x5x21x5x21x5 = 12,762,815,625 unique names. Enough for now, but if we keep breeding like rabbits we may have to add an extra letter by the end of the 21st century.

Here are some examples of our new names: Norodunado, Vaxusutamo, Juliyuquga, Vivazumote, Morezibife, Venelizobi and Foxalabone. Design your own name. My new name is Minekukelo.

Common names


Very common surnames that are shared by thousands of people include:

Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore, Taylor, Anderson, Thomas, Jackson, White, Harris, Martin, Thompson, Garcia, Martinez, Robinson, Clark, Rodriguez, Lewis, Lee, Walker, Hall, Allen, Young, Hernandez, King, Wright, Lopez, Hill, Scott, Green, Adams, Baker, Gonzalez, Nelson, Carter, Mitchell, Perez, Roberts, Turner, Phillips, Campbell, Parker, Evans, Edwards, Collins

First names

Very common first names include:

James, Christopher, Ronald, Mary, Lisa, Michelle, John, Daniel, Anthony, Patricia, Nancy, Laura, Robert, Paul, Kevin, Linda, Karen, Sarah, Michael, Mark, Jason, Barbara, Betty, Kimberly, William, Donald, Jeff, Elizabeth, Helen, Deborah, David, George, Jennifer, Sandra, Richard, Kenneth, Maria, Donna, Charles, Steven, Susan, Carol, Joseph, Edward, Margaret, Ruth, Thomas, Brian, Dorothy, Sharon

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