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A collection of dark thoughts about cleverness, stupidity, loneliness and other ehhh … stuff. Foggy outputs of a brainless brain.

When I die

Good to know that when I die, everybody’s IQ will go up.


Bad Memory

I forgot who told me that fish is good for your memory. Probably a doctor, who sells fish.

Fish is good for your memory

I believe

I believe that we all want freedom of religion so that we can believe what we want and then tell others what to believe.

Believe what you want

Perfect World

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a perfect world? Things could only get worse.

Perfect world


Too much coffee is bad for my health. I don’t know if it will kill me, but if it does I hope to come back as a coffee pot.

Coffee pot


Einstein knew it. Picasso knew it too. If you put a mirror far enough away you can see your own profile.

Picasso girl


Dinosaurs went extinct, and the mammoth is gone too, and where is the Dodo? Who misses the Dodo?
Cave bears are extinct, and aurochs, quaggas, giant deers, Elvis Presley. Do we really miss them?
Let’s kill off the whales, tigers, butterflies and elephants. Nobody will miss them, when we are extinct.



The world should be perfect, perfectly round.
No land, just one big ocean.
No place for us, just fish.

Into the sea

Your glass

You can drink from your glass many times, but you can break it only once.

Beer glass

Something wrong

There’s something seriously wrong with this world, apart from me.

Paris view

Believe me

People always believe me, when I say “I’m stupid”.

Flowers in village

Don’t wanna

I don’t wanna be right …
I don’t wanna be wrong …
I don’t wanna be left …
… alone.

Trees in foggy weather


I am a pacifist. If looks could kill, I wouldn’t look.

Landscape near Sienna

Gods and Angels

Somebody asked me the difference between Gods and Angels.
Angels have wings, even if they don’t exist.

Whit butterfly

Bad People

The world has two types of people. Most people are bad people, the rest are very bad people.

Ankor Wat ornaments

Lost Contact

We live in an age of communication. Probably that’s the reason why I lost contact with almost all of my friends.

Water in De Peel

Not Stupid

Most people are so stupid that they don’t know that they know nothing. I am not THAT stupid, I know it!

Tree line


I’m alone, I’m lonely, but I’m alive.

Open gate


Music is the universal language. Everybody understands music. It’s a pity that so few people speak music.

Road and trees


Loneliness wouldn’t be so bad, if you could share it with somebody.

Forest road


There is nothing after death. That’s why I will try to stay here a bit longer.



Things can always get worse, but things can always get better !!!

Wat Suan Dok

The Brain

I’m not a brainless boy. I’m a brainless old man.

Bali landscape

Higher or deeper?

Life has its ups and downs, like mountains and valleys. Is the mountain higher than the valley is deep?

Statue Maillol

George Orwell?

All religions are equal, but some religions are more equal than others, and for most people, their own religion is the only equal one. Equally stupid perhaps?

Sunset beach

Ask first

You are a smoker. You need a cigarette. Don’t ask me “Do you smoke?”. Ask me “Do you mind if I smoke?”. Yes I do.

No Smoking

Always right

I am always right … ALWAYS … except when my wife disagrees with me.


Nobody but me

If I were alone in this world, I would probably feel less lonely.



Just found out what “sublimation” means. It happens to my brain all the time.

Horses Giethoorn


Many people take training to improve their memory. Wouldn’t we be better off with training that helps us to forget?

Mustard fields

Making Movies

Ha, they are now making movies without smoking. Shouldn’t they start making movies without guns? Or even better, without people!



Synergy is defined as “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects”. So, if two people together are more stupid than the sum of their individual stupidities, this can be called synergy?



Trees versus people … trees are harmless.

Forest with grass


Divorce wouldn’t be so bad if you wouldn’t loose half of your friends in the process, or 85 percent.


Real problem

We have only one real problem, which happens to be a solution to all our problems … Mortality.



Your health is your most valuable possession. But would you rather be healthy without any friend/partner/wife/husband/son/daughter … or sick with somebody who cares for you?

Black bird

Try to explain

There is no need to tell clever people how clever they are, and it is impossible to explain to stupid people how stupid they are.

Tree crwon

Crazy people

It’s easier to love crazy people than normal ones.



When you are busy reinventing the wheel, don’t forget to reinvent the road.

Birds geese

No smoking

I decided to never smoke except during my cremation.

Tea picking


What’s the use of intelligent people, if they don’t think?


Die for it

Nothing is worth dying for, except perhaps “the right to die”.


Old enough

How old do I need to be to have enough experience to keep the people whom I love happy?

Gelderse Vallei


With ambition, idealism and optimism gone, what else is there to live for?

Turn right signboard in forest


If you upset me, I will be upset.



Experience taught me: you can either feel happy, or unhappy, or neutral. But I am not sure. Is it better to be half the time happy and half the time unhappy? Or all the time neutral?

Forest river

Books and movies

We invented printing and filming. Now there are more books than I can ever read, more movies than I can ever see, and I am bored.

Rain in the forest

Say nothing

Silence is a powerful way of speaking. If you say nothing, you are saying a lot.

Long road in forest


If God existed she would have outlawed religions. First commandment: Thou shalt not religiate.

Yellow house with bicycle

My time

People tell me that "in their time, things were better". Not in my time. My time still has to come, and things will be worse.

Blue Nile waterfalls


I would rather have an average weight or an average income, than an average intelligence.



As soon as you come in contact with an intolerant person you become infected. Intolerance is a contagious disease.

Folded leaves


Most people of my age are much older than me.

Flower on Thai temple

Good feeling

It may feel good to be considered “normal”, but luckily I am not.



There are quite some mistakes I would like to make twice.

Flower on Thai temple

No tears

How many people will cry at my funeral? When it’s down to zero, then it’s time to die.



Getting to know people is fun, until you know them.

Flower market

Just try

Try living like an immortal, until you die.

Evening trees

Never enough

Yes I have money, but never enough. Yes I am happy, but never enough.


Time machine

We urgently need to invent time travel. It doesn’t need to be perfect.
Backwards is enough.


Grey matter

Actually, it takes only very few brain cells to be stupid.


Brilliant Brain Wave

War!!! The Americans call it “peace process”. The Russians call it “peace enforcement”.


Money money

Many people believe in capitalism. Probably because it’s easier to get rich than to get happy.

Bangkok cars evening


I love dates!!! Except the date when I die.



When a 28th century archeologist digs me up, how can she know that the space inside my skull has always been what it seems to be? Air!

Red flower


I tolerate everything except intolerance. Ok, even that.

Horned caterpillar

SQ test

We try to measure intelligence with an IQ test. But how to measure stupidity?
Try the SQ test



Everybody drives on the right side of the road. For half the world that’s the left side. On average we drive in the middle.



How many trees do I have to plant to undo the damage caused by my 50+ years on this planet? Probably a small forest. (See Trofaco)

Flower on Thai temple

Remember me

Most people are forgotten when they are dead. Some when they are alive.

Elephant in camp

Better world

It would be great if all people were stupid. You could say anything, and it would make sense.

Landscape clouds

Talk talk

I don’t need much. I just need somebody to be silent to.


The truth

Most people lie when they deny that they lie.

Italy lemons


France would be even nicer without the Fwench. They think they own it.

Arc Paris


For better efficiency I suggest that we hold our meetings with not more than 5 persons talking at the same time, and perhaps 2 or 3 on the mobile phone, but the total should not exceed 8, and the presenter should not be interrupted by more than 3 persons at the same moment.

Bangladesh farmer

IQ zero

I am having an out-of-memory experience … … …

Vingerhoedskruid Digitalis


I finally located the middle of nowhere. It’s right here, in my head.

BD Looking in


The term no-nonsense sounds like nonsense to me. It doesn’t make no-nonsense.

Woman and child


We are all consumers, feeding on our environment as voracious caterpillars, but will we reincarnate as butterflies?

Smoke factory

Expire date

I changed my mind. It had expired.

CHT girl


A career which involves “something with movies” could be a comedy.

Grossglockner glacier crack in ice


If I were alone in this world I wouldn’t be much happier.

Kitzbuhler Horn

My right

Considering how right I always am, I must have been very wrong when I was younger.

Krimmler waterfall rainbow


Old people are pessimists and young people are optimists because pessimists get old when they are 20 and optimists stay young all their life.

Gubbio tower

Bad sector

I have a bad sector in my hard disk. They told me it’s all between the ears.

Sheep herd


My wife thinks I know everything. That’s true, but sometimes I forget things.

Oberndorf top of church

Beetle brain

I have the brain of a dung beetle. It’s full of shit.

Dung beetles

Deaf by choice

It’s often difficult to really understand people. It’s easier to just ignore them.


Drunk talking

My wife says that when I’m drunk I talk too much. I think she listens too much.

Church in landscape


Having children is great, is wonderful, is fantastic, … is worries, is worries, is worries.

Sylhet forest

Think first

If somebody tells you to “think before you act”, it’s probably too late.

Kao Yai deer crossing road


Is believing in nothing a religion? Only if you believe that everybody should believe in nothing.

Bali umbrella

Driving Statistics

I agree that my driving is below average, but all others drive worse.

Car in landscape

Care for your Heart

Take care of your heart! Regular exercise is of extreme importance , at least 3 times per week! But who has time to exercise three times every week? It would help if weeks would be a few days longer. For example a metric week with 10 days.

Sun and trees in the forest


Most problems in this world are human communication problems! Unfortunately, we live in an age of communication.

Water in De Peel

Social Behavior

In many species of animals that show “social behavior”, there are a lot of solitary males. How social is that?



The only “proof” that God exists seems to be that nobody can proof that It doesn’t exist. Like fairies.



The problem with life experience is that it can prevent you from experiencing life.


Growing up

Girls mature earlier than boys, at least 60 years earlier.

Orange yellow flowers

Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens is the scientific name for modern man. It is Latin, and translated it means “wise man”, “clever man”, “knowing man” or “thinking man”. We are not clever enough to give ourselves an appropriate name.

Tea garden


It’s a miracle that brainless people can talk.

Copenhagen bridge


I don’t make the same mistake twice. I am too busy trying other mistakes first.

Wall and window

Life expectancy

With life expectancy growing, we expect more from life, but what we get is more repetitions.


A bit longer

Whenever I think a bit longer about something, I forget what I was thinking about.

Darcy is thinking

Easy to remember

One of the few things I can easily remember is that I have a bad memory.

Three kings


Intelligence is not the opposite of stupidity. You can be intelligent and stupid at the same time. Or just stupid on its own.



Falling in love is a chemical process, so don’t blame yourself.

Bali dancer


My personal generalization is that “Everybody generalizes!”.



If I didn’t drink coffee I could have had two cars. If I didn’t have a car I could drink twice as much coffee.

Obviously modern art

Weight belt

When scuba diving I always need to carry some extra weight to compensate for the empty space in my head.

Khao Kiaw zoo deer


Cash and Carry. Synonym for “husband”.

2012-12-27 16.57.48


Proud to be Dutch, with our expertise in dikes and water management, but I can’t fix a leaking tap.

House on dike


If everybody would be satisfied with “sufficient” we would all have “enough”.


Thick skin

To be a politician you need a thick skin, which then makes you insensitive to the opinions of those who elected you. We need politicians with a thinner skin.

Flowers landscape in Italy


If wisdom comes with age, no need to worry about ageing.

Bali king graves Gunung Kawi near Tampaksiring mask


My short-term memory is getting longer.

Australia, Plant


I’am always surprised when people take me serious.

Australia, Modern art

Popular language

If a politician speaks “the language of the people”, this should refer to the content of his/her speeches rather than the use of vulgar words.

2012-05-29 18.21.29 Netherlands, Floriade, Venlo

Very unsatisfactory but good

When ranking something, you can use numbers. For the layman and other morons it is always nice if these numbers have a meaning; you want to be sure that everybody understands that 2 is better than 1. This is not rocket science. Or is it?

Scientific approach

Life expectancy

Life expectancy is what you expect of life.

Crash or Holiday?


Wouldn’t doctors do a better job if it was “no cure no pay”?

No cure no pay

Saint Martin

If Saint Martin of Tours had given his cloak to the beggar without cutting it in two, would he have become twice as famous? or half as famous?

2003-07-08 20.46.05 France, 179 Statues Maillol


My wife is only wrong when she agrees with me.

Sheep at Arbor Low stone circle

My opinions

All people who share my opinions, are right.

Look right or left


I believe that I believe in nothing.

Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to be quoted when you are dead.

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