What is a Minkukel?

Minkukel is a Dutch word. Marten Toonder, who is the author of a Dutch series of comic books, introduced this word in one of his stories about Oliver B. Bumble (in Dutch: Olivier B. Bommel).

In the story “Tom Poes en het kukel” (1963), some extraterrestrials measured the Kukel of professor Prlwytzkofsky’s brain, and classified him as having a negative kukel (min kukel).

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The word minkukel has since been used in the Dutch language as a synonym for words like twit, numskull, softy, dotard, blockhead, beetle brain, brainless, stupid person, silly person, moron, fool, nitwit, half wit, dummy, simpleton, civil servant, etc.

This website is clearly not for minkukels!

Minkukel Pages

Silly art - Modern artModern art

Every minkukel can do it. A picture is worth a thousand words; a digital picture is worth a million pixels. Learn how to instantly create your own digital art. No brains required.

Wine making

Every minkukel enjoys winemaking as a hobby. You can do it too.

Keywords Counter

The keyword counter is a tool to find keywords on a web page.

sillywords words mixer logoWords mixer

The SillyWords script will mix the letters of each word in your text. Then try to read it again.

Silly dates

Find out when you are 1000,000,000 seconds old, or 10,000 months? or when you have been married 20,000,000 minutes?

Stupidity Quotient

Try the ‘SQ test’ to test your stupidity. Even clever people can have a high SQ.

Leap birthdays

Find out when to celebrate your birthday. It may leap, even if you were not born on 29 February.

Live longer

By sleeping shorter you win time to live longer. Find out how much longer.

SillyClocks logoSilly clocks

There are many ways to find out what time it is. Try the Metric clock, the Binary clock, or one of the other SillyClocks

Tennis simulation

Find out how good you have to be to win a tennis match.

Moon phaser

Find the moon phase for a specific date between year 1900 and 2100.

Unique names

This names generator can give everybody a unique name.

Colors database

The computer screen can show millions of colors. More than 200 colors have a real name.

Proverb or Quote

Let’s tickle your brain cell with a proverb:

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.

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