Here are some pages to keep your brain cells occupied.

A computer screen can display millions of colors, but only few of these colors have a real name. Have a look at how colors are coded and which are the colors with a name.

Colors with names

If you know nothing, but keep talking, you may come up with some gems and a lot of nonsense. Here are some brainless thoughts.


You now know what a Minkukel is. Here is a dedicated vocabulary; pick a few to identify yourself.


Some pages about wine making as a hobby. It’s great fun and not too difficult.

Wine making

If a year has 365.25 days, when should you celebrate your birthdays?

Leap days and leap years

How to calculate the moon phase for a specific date and time.

Calculate moon phase

Find some information about a date. What’s the day number? What’s the week number? What’s the zodiac sign? Any special events?

Pick a day

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