Brain test

Some time ago I received a message which promised me a “REAL Neurological Test”.
The idea was to do 3 simple tests. If you pass the 3 tests, your brain is great (probably something like Trump) and you are far from getting Alzheimer.

The tests were like this:

1) Find the letter C from below.


2) If you have already found the letter C, now find the digit 6 from below.


3) Now find the letter N from below. It’s a little more difficult.


Well, I passed the tests by pressing Ctrl+F and searching for C, 6 and N. Easy like Sunday morning.

I also noticed that in the first and third test you can quickly find the line with the hidden letter by looking at the right margin. The C and N are slightly narrower than the O and M, so the line with the hidden character is slightly shorter (or sometimes longer, depending on your screen).

Improving the brain test

I decided to write a script to improve the test. I wanted to make the following improvements:

  • First of all, you should not be able to use the search function of your browser.
  • Letters should take up the same space so that lines have always the same length.
  • The script should allow you to create other tests, with different letters, fonts, colors, etc.

Click here to see the “Hidden Letter” script.

Here are some examples

Here are a few examples of ‘brain tests’ which were generated by the Hidden Letter script.

A Golden Oldie. Find the C.

Find the H.

Playing with colors and more letters can make it more difficult. Find QRS.

And an easy one. Find the A.

Now design your own brain tests.

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