Create Digital Art

This is a digital presentation of a name, visualized as a piece of modern art.

Creation in Red Yellow and Blue

Now you can start creating your own digital art. In the form below, type your own name (or another), select colors, set some other options, and see how it looks!

Design your own modern art

Show spaces in a different color:

Orientation of name in drawing:

Your piece of art gets updates every time you make a change to the settings. Once you are happy with your creation you can right-click on it and then save it as a PNG image.

Here are some other examples

Red white and blue

Note that you can create special effects by adding spaces at the beginning and end of the name. Thick lines with small blocks gives also good vibrations.

Click here if you want to read how the “SillyArt” script works.

Tip: When you are happy with your design, paint it on a piece of canvas, frame it, and hang it on your wall. No need to sign it because your name is already there.

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