computer scriptsI like to experiment with scripts for my website and sometimes this results in something useful. More often it is just silly or funny.
Have a look at some of these pages that were created with PHP and JavaScript.

Keywords Counter
The keyword counter is a tool to find keywords in a text or on a web page.

Words mixer
Mix the letters in each word and then try to read the text.

Silly dates
Find out when you are 1000,000,000 seconds old, or 10,000 months? or when you have been married 20,000,000 minutes?

Stupidity Quotient
Try the ‘SQ test’ to test your stupidity.

Leap birthdays
Find out when to celebrate your birthday. It may leap, even if you are not born on 29 February.

Live longer
By sleeping shorter you win some time to to do other things. In a way, you live a bit longer. Find out how much longer.

Moon phaser
A script that finds the lunar phase for a specified date.

Letter replacer
A script that replaces letters in a text. For example replace ‘S’ with ‘5’ or replace ‘A’ with ‘4’. Try if you can still read the text.

Hidden letter
A script that hides a letter.
For example try to find a ‘C’ in a picture full of ‘O’.

Tennis simulation
Find out how good you have to be to win a tennis match.

Unique names
This names generator can give everybody a unique name.

See also HobbyScript for some other free tools.

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