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You probably know when you will be 100 years old, but when will you be 10,000 days old?

You may remember your honeymoon, but when will you celebrate 1,000 moons of wedlock?

And when will you celebrate that the combined age of all your family members is 5,000,000,000 seconds?

SillyDates will calculate it for you!

Use this form to calculate silly dates for one or more persons or events. More info below the form.

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The SillyDates script

Carpe diem

SillyDates is a minkukel approach to celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. It will calculate interesting dates based on seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, moons, months, and years.

How to use SillyDates?

SillyDates is easy to use. You just enter one or more names and dates. For example your date of birth, or the birth dates of all your family members. Then click the “Calculate” button, and the script will show the results.


You own a company that was founded on 4 April 1975. With SillyDates you can now schedule some dinner parties for your staff. A nice day would be 19 August 2038 when the company exists 2,000,000,000 seconds. But if that is too far away, consider 19 October 2021 to celebrate 17,000 days.

More info

SillyDates calculates seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, moons, months, and years. Some of these are easy to understand, some need some more explanation.

For a “moon”, the script uses the period between two full moons, which is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds, which is 2,551,443 seconds.

A “year” is the Gregorian calendar year; this is 365.2425 days, which is 31,556,952 seconds.

And a “month” is 1/12 of a Gregorian calendar year, so a month has on average 2,629,746 seconds.

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